About Us

Enrichment Alley was designed to enable students, families, schools, and advisors to easily find programs to enhance learning. This website is a natural offshoot of the lifelong work of its founder, Gail Grand. As a science teacher, Gail quickly discovered the benefits of hands-on learning, and much of her time was spent searching out ways to increase her students’ opportunities for first-hand experiences. A firm believer in life-long learning, Gail went on to earn a Master’s Degree in School Guidance and Counseling, and then embarked upon a second career as a high school-based college counselor and author.

Years of accumulating brochures about enrichment programs led to two program guidebooks: Student Science Opportunities and Free and Almost Free Adventures for Teenagers (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Print publishing, however, meant that information was often out-of-date even as the book reached local stores, and Gail began to look for a better way to provide the latest, most accurate, and most complete information. Books also did not allow for outside evaluators to judge the effectiveness of programs listed. And thus the idea for Enrichment Alley was born.

We hope you’ll use Enrichment Alley to discover experiences that will change the course of your life. Find programs that will allow you to immerse yourself in a new subject, to learn about a future career, to experience life in a different culture, to try out life as a college student, to make a difference though community service. And then come back and tell others about your experiences and help them to make choices to enhance their own learning.