Loop Abroad Thailand

Location: International

Program Description:

Travel to Thailand for 2-4 weeks and volunteer with elephants, study alongside a vet, teach English in a village, or just experience the wonders of Thailand. Get a chance to live with elephants and work with them every day. Travel with students from all over the US with the Thailand experts - we only do Thailand, and we do it well. Financial aid available.

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Host: Loop Abroad

Qualifications: Completing grades 8-12

Program Dates / Length: July, two to four weeks (depending on program)

Housing: Elephant Nature Park, city house, village homestay (depending on program)

Cost / Availability of Financial Aid: Program costs vary. Costs are all-inclusive except for airfare. Ample financial aid and fundraising help is available.

Credit Awarded: none

Mailing Address:

28 Cocasset St
Foxboro, MA 02035

Phone: 202-255-2630

E-mail: admissions@loopabroad.com

Website: www.loopabroad.com


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