Tour Enrichment Alley

Search for a Program: This is the place to search for the programs that meet your requirements.

  • Summer Programs will allow you to search by all fields important to you, such as location, subjects available, and type of program (academic, travel, community service, internships.)
  • School Year Enrichment allows you to choose programs by type, including student exchange, volunteer opportunities, distance learning (by mail or on-line), or internship experiences. Here educators can find enrichment programs suitable for school groups.
  • Gap Year Adventures provides a program search by goal (study, travel, make a difference) and location.

Suggest a Program: If you have or know of a program that is not listed on our site, this is the place to go to submit your suggestions.

Program Director: If you are a Program Director this is just for you. This is the part of our site that enables you to submit your programs, feature your programs and ensures that information is always up-to-date. Directors must log in with their password to add a new program or to change existing information. Users who wish to suggest a new program for listing should use the "Suggest a Program" sign.

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